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    Handcrafted Soap As A Handmade Soap

    We know soap used for cleaning our body, shirt dish or any other material. But soap have other functional, soap ca be made as a handcrafted soap. Handcrafted soap actually an ordinary soap, but the function not just as a cleaner but more an art function. Handcrafted soap usually used for events such wedding, promotion, arts happening, and any other events. In event such wedding, handcrafted soap can be used as wedding gift, handmade soap, wedding favor, attendant wedding gift, or just as wedding decoration. In promotion event, handcrafted soap can be a promo tool or gift for customer, visitor of company.

    Actualy handcrafted soap is a common soap we use everyday, a sligh different is lies in end result of the soap. A common soap usually has an ordinary shape, like round, oval or square. Handcrafted soap has many shapes not just ordinary shape, and doesn't depend on certain shape. The shape of handcrafted soap is really various, usually created depend on the market demand or imagination of the handmade soap creator.

    The shape of handcrafted soap can be animal, people, plant. have a different shape as usual, which funny, or sweet shape like flower shape, teddy bear shape, love shape and any other shapes.

    As a wedding gift, handcrafted soap is molded follow the wedding host's desire. The shape follows the wedding theme of the wedding party. The handmade soap's shape can be a star, moon, flower, balls, and other ornament for wedding.

    As a promotion kit, handcrafted soap can be formed follow the company's icon, logo or product miniature. The company which produce books, can have a handcrafted soap design such miniature book. For company who sell food, like pizza, can have a miniature pizza made of handmade soap.

    Beside forming in a unique shape, handcrafted soap also has a unique fragrant. A unique fragrant for handcrafted soap can be a flower fragrances, artificial, or any other fragrance that appropriate with the shape and function of it's handcrafted soap. The unique fragrant could be applied in handmade soap depends on the skill of handmade soap creator.

    Although a handcrafted soap has a varies of shape and fragrant, actually the process of making soap is similar to ordinary soap. Only some addition process does in making soap.

    You can make your handcrafted soap just as an handmade soap. Even homemade soap, but your handcrafted soap could make many people like your handmade soap.

    You need some material for making handcrafted soap, the making recipe soap depends on your desire and your skill in handmade soap for the result. Those materials can you find at your local store. Some material you need could be :

    • Vitamin E Oil (optional)
    • Oats
    • Food coloring of your choice
    • Almond Oil
    • One bar of color free soap
    • Essential oils of your choice
    The process of making handcrafted soap or handmade soap a bit different with common making soap. Just more few steps different . You can read the instruction below :

    1. You can cut into pieces your soap or just put into your bowl. 
    2. If your prefer double boiler. boil a pot of water and put a glass bowl over the pot. 
    3. Put some almond oil into the bowl. 
    4. Place the soap into the bowl. 
    5. Take the water from the pot and pour it into the bowl until the soap changes into paste. 
    6. Add some oils, colors, and Vitamin E as you prefer. 
    7. Prepare your mold with funny or funky shape and size. So your handcrafted soap has unique color, fragrance, size and shape. Let your soap cool in the molds of your choice.
    8. Allow the soap to air out on wax paper for a day or two. 

    As optional decorative soap, natural soap can also be used as wedding favor. Natural soap also unique wedding gift as a natural theme in handcrafted soap or handmade soap.

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