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    Homemade Wedding Favor Idea

    Wedding day is one of a very special day for everyone. They don't want to miss anything for this special day. Everything involved in the special wedding day should look magnificent. The food must be very delicious. The decoration must be perfect for every inch. The bridal gown must be extravagant and beautiful. All the matters must be prepared long time before the wedding day. Wedding favors are certainly no exception. One of them including wedding favor or homemade wedding favor.

    Wedding favor or jhomemade wedding favor are given out to each of the wedding reception guests as gift of appreciation for their attendance to the special wedding day. Wedding gift should the bride's and groom's appreciation to the wedding reception guests.

    Homemade wedding favor could be the one for your wedding favor. Homemade wedding favor could be customized as you want. Unlike wedding favor at stores which has sold for a long time, where so many people has it at home. You can make homemade wedding favor with personal touch and high appreciation. Your personality appreciation in homemade wedding favor really convey your true appreciation.

    Homemade wedding favor can be made with unique style and ideas. Explore your idea to create a homemade wedding favor which very unique and personal. Personalized of homemade wedding favor is the key for your high appreciation.

    Homemade wedding favor should be prepared as a memorable gift. So it is better to make homemade wedding favor which could stand for a long time. Food it is a good choice for this purpose. As a memorable gift, the homemade wedding favor should be better designed for lying in the table or hanging on the wall. Or event better could be use as daily tool. 

    Personalized picture frame could be the choice for this homemade wedding favor. Add some wedding day event ot he bottom of the frame or behind it. The wedding receptiont guest can use this personalized picture frame for their purpose. Beside of that they will remember to your wedding day. Personalized picture frame can be designed for lying in the table or hanging on the wall. 

    Personalized picture frame as homemade wedding favor can be made from various material. Recycled paper can be the material for making picture frame. Recycled paper has a unique texture and appearance. Choose the recycled paper with the texture that represent your personality. The color of the recycled paper also determine your”word” of appreciation in your homemade wedding favor. When your give this homemade wedding favor to your guest, put a thank you writing in the frame, as a replacement for the photo later.

    As a thank you word, add some word to express your appreciation to your wedding recption guest in your homemade wedding favor.

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