Custom Unique Cheap Homemade Wedding Invitation

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    Custom Unique Cheap Homemade Wedding Invitation

    Wedding day is kind of a historical day that almost everyone belongs. Many sources and efforts to make this day to be a perfect wedding day. There are so many details keep in mind and should be well prepared. Wedding invitation is one of the wedding day element that must be very perfect. The preparation for wedding invitation also quite challenging beside the preparation for wedding reception. 

    Custom homemade Wedding Invitation
    Easily customized design an adding personality are the benefit for picking custom unique homemade wedding invitation. For the couple, wedding invitation must present their touch and their feeling. By custom wedding invitation, the couple can express their touch and personality. Custom unique homemade wedding invitation could be the one you can use to put your personal touch and feeling. It is time to explore your creative way for your special day into custom unique homemade wedding invitation. Both of you as couple giving idea, the combination of your mind and creative idea will input into the perfect unique homemade wedding invitation.

    What kind of custom unique homemade wedding invitation you want to create?

    Choose the theme of your wedding. Whether your wedding in the flowery garden or in the old style building. If you choose flowery garden of your wedding place, add flower decoration into your unique homemade wedding invitation.

    In appropriate with the style of flowery unique homemade wedding invitation, pick the material made of recycled paper with the flower or leave texture or image. Take the bright color like bright pink to express your feeling for the wedding day. Bright color as the background gives the place for the writing for information and easily read by recipient.

    Plan your writing will attach into custom unique homemade wedding invitation. 
    What sort of information will be included into your custom unique homemade wedding invitation. 

    1. Hosts – For basic courtesy and tradition, the bride’s name should be listed first in the order of first, middle and last name.
    2. Date and Time – The next thing you need to inform your guest are the date and time.
    3. Location – The location of the wedding must be specific and described as clear as possible.
    4. Reception – Reception time and location should be included as well if there is any.
    5. As addition, picture of bride and groom could be added. Take your picture with background flower or in garden.
    6. Add Quotes, Rhymes, Sayings and Verses into your custom homemade wedding invitation. Flowery quote is possible to be, find the quote online in internet.
    Layout the wording properly and take the font appropriates with the basic theme. You can place the wording on the left side or opposite position of custom homemade wedding invitation. 

    Decorate around the wording with small dry flower of leaves. Take the flat small dry flower or leave, and stick at the top corner or the wording. Flower with contrast color with the background beautifies the appearance of the wording. 

    You unique homemade wedding invitation would be better if given to the recipient inside a casing like envelope. But in order to give flower garden theme, you can use fiber rope made of banana fiber or other natural fiber. Forget ribbon tape for this theme. Make a hole on one edge and bundle your custom homemade wedding invitation with the rope on one side. 

    For other option for custom homemade wedding invitation casing, make small bag made of recycled paper that fit with the size your custom homemade wedding invitation. The small bag has leave or flower texture, with combination of some colors. Put your name and your couple, date and time of your wedding day to make the bag more special with your personal touch and for special event. 

    If you feel you can make homemade wedding invitation, you can make a various kind like :
    • homemade card
    • invitation paper
    • homemade greeting card
    • card homemade
    • custom homemade wedding invitation
    • homemade wedding invitation
    • homemade invitation
    • unique homemade wedding invitation
    • homemade birthday card
    • custom homemade wedding invitation
    • homemade paper invitation

    Beside homemade wedding invitation, you can design homemade greeting card as addition for you thank you card.

    Add some others special natural elements to make more special for your custom homemade wedding invitation or unique homemade wedding invitation.

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