Wooden Kleenex Box as Handmade Wedding Favor Box

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    Wooden Kleenex Box as Handmade Wedding Favor Box

    Wedding Favor Box is one of the beautiful wedding craft item you can use for you wedding favor. You can think more specific how this wedding favor box should be. One of wedding favor idea is making this wedding favor box to be useful item for you wedding guest. By making this use ful item, your wedding guest can use tise item for their daily purpose. They can se the item in their house and no need to be the same thing anymore. How about wooden kleenex box?

    Wooden Kleenex Box can be your choise for your wedding favor box instead small wood box. Almost every house needs this item. Small wood box just for keeping a small item like earring, necklace and other small items.

    Wooden Kleenex Box can be modified into many creation, one of ideas creation you can see on Wooden Box WB F005 C . This wooden kleenex box is designed with sun smiling and with the fire tounge spreads around it. The brown gradation color on all the surface and vanished appears the metalic image on the surface.

    The frame decoration near the bottom of the wooden kleenex box, reminds us to the chinese ornament on almost their art and craft.

    As the wooden kleenex box, if you want to add the kleenexs, just open the top cover up, and you can ut your kleenex inside.

    For many people especially your wedding guest, this wedding favor box is really a nice idea. They not just can use this item at home or anywhere they like, buat they also can remember your wedding event. Each time they take kleenex or just see at the wooden kleenex box, they will remember you.

    As a wedding favor box, you can add your name and your couple on the surface on the box. No just your name and your couple, your wedding date, day and some other things your to add can be put on the surface.

    And remember, the design is not just as explained above, where the sun smiling and other ornament, but you can ask other design as you like. So you can make this wooden kleenex box as a personalized wedding favor box.

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