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    Procedure In Making A Candle

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    Candle making is a fun creative hobby. candle making has a lot of variation in result. Candle can be made into many model, size, color, smell and other things.

    In order to get the best result in candle making you need to know how to procedure in making a candle. Procedure in candle making is needed not just for getting teh best result, but also protecting the candle maker from injury during making candle. 

    Here procedure in making candle you need to know :

    Preparation :

    Double Boiler (Wax Melting system). 
    Pouring jug 
    Mold seal 
    Candle Mold 
    paraffin wax 
    Additive (vybar) 
    Stearic Acid 
    Colour block 
    Candle fragrance oil (as you desire) 

    Before starting making candle, make sure you have prepared all everything as the safety instructions.

    Preparing the mold
    You can prepare the mold even before or by doing the melting process. So after the wax ready, the mold is also ready to use.
    Make a hole in the bottom or the mold, thread the wick through here and seal it on the outside with mold seal. Stretch the wick to the open end of the mould and suspend it here wrapped around a rod or pencil.
    Spray inside mould or container with silicone or vegetable oil to make the candles easily release from the mould.

    Melting wax
    Prepare the wax with comparison 3 weighed ounces of wax are needed for every 3 1/2 ounces of water, by filling the mold with water and measuring it..
    Put the smashed wax into the top of the double boiler and fill the bottom part approximately 1/3 full of water. Heat and control fire on a medium setting on your stove top, prevent the water splashing into the container. Heat the wax up to 180F, check with thermometer. Put the thermometer just until the middle of the wax, not until the bottom.
    As the temperature reached, add additives. After completely dissolved, add color. Add the color chips, just add a small amount, stir it and see the result. Add if it is required.
    Add the scent at the last to prevent denature or dissipate through too much heating. The typical usage for a strongly scented candle is 1 weighed ounce of scent to 1lb wax. Stir for about two minutes, and do not stir too vigorously, because can trap air into the wax.

    If using a metal mold, preheat the mold before pouring the wax. Then pour the into the mold.
    Before the wax sets, tap the sides of the mould several times. This is done to release the trapped air bubbles that will marr the surface of your finished candle.
    When wax has set to a tacky consistency, poke small holes in the candle around the wick. This will help to prevent great big air pockets inside the finished candle that can be a fire hazard.