Sewing Fun Stuff Soft Sculpture Shortcut, beginner guide sewing, sewing for dummy, free sewing purse pattern

Sewing Fun Stuff Soft Sculpture Shortcut, 101 beginner guide sewing sewing, sewing for dummy





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    Sewing Is As A Fun Stuff With Soft Sculpture

    Sewing fun stuff soft sculpture was popularized by Claes Oldenburg about 1960's. Soft sculpture on earlier period was applied to common objects such toilet, light switches, fan. On later time till today, soft sculpture has been applied to many sort of thing and shapes.

    Soft sculpture doll

    Soft Sculpture is a part of craft and hobby acitivity of sewing. Sewing fun stuff soft sculpture shortcut in simple words is creating objects into a 3 dimensional shape. Unlike sculpture using a hard material, soft sculpture is making a 3 dimensional object is through filling such soft material like kapok, fabric, cotton, fiber or other material into a soft pouch and resulting a soft texture object.

    A filling soft sculpture material is choosed depends on the desired shape, texture of the final result. A certain filling material gives impact to a certain texture. And the firming on filling material also gives a certain contour. A shaping process into 3 dimensional shape can be done by sewing, using glue, tie binding, or wire binding. A shaping process method depends on the desire shape and technical situation.

    The sewing skill on doing this fun stuff of soft sculpture is needed. Making a difficult shape of a soft sculpture like making contour is one trick in sewing. Gathering a various fabric into one shape of soft sculpture is also a sewing skill.

    Imagination in creating soft sculpture will help you make a better sewing result. The imaginary to a model of your creation will guide you through a process of soft sculpturing.

    The development of sewing fun stuff soft sculpture shortcut is very big. Many object has been tried in soft sculpture. Since it was popularized on the first time, household object as a model of soft sculpture. Today not only household object, but more creative model like doll soft scupture, foodstuff, animal, building, transportation and any other of daily objects. The model is choosen according to the possibility on the end result. The model with too many contour and and texture is hard create. But it is still possible if you have a lot of experiences in soft sculpturing.