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    Polymer Clay Crafts Texture

    Making homemade polymer clay crafts is a creative fun to do. Polymer clay crafts is material that easily formed into many thing. In ancient history, clay is the raw material for making a lot of home kitchen ware. Plate, jug, jar, glass, bowl, clay pottery and other things are made of clay. This situation actually is remaining in many developing countries, they use polymer clay for a lot of their living material.

    Today, polymer clay crafts is most used for art and craft material which has high value in polymer clay crafts. Texture on the surface of the polymer clay crafts is one factor that polymer clay crafts increase its value. Polymer clay texture  giving such decoration on the result of clay crafts. Plate, jar, jug, clay pottery or bowl would not be just a plain art if decorated by texture on the surface.

    You can simply make texture on polymer clay crafts whether you use air drying clay or traditional clay by using these techniques of creating unique patterns and textures.  The basic technique is simple, just press everything on the soft clay. Look something that has unique surface around you and you think could give nice clay pattern texture. Your nails, screw driver, tape, drywall tape, hooks, small toys are real wonderful for making textures in clay.

    Press your texture on the soft clay on on line or on ordinary pattern. You can make line pattern, circle, square or other patter you like. Put other texture on other part of the clay crafts, to give variation into the pattern. 

    Be careful when press the texture on the surfce of the polymer clay crafts. Do not make the clay unflat or even broken the shape. Just press untill the texture appear on the surface, do not press too hard.

    After the texture appears on the polymer clay crafts, follow the next process of clay drying. You can add the color on the texture after its dried or let it be like a traditional clay model.

    If you need to know the clay technique or polymer clay crafts technique you can find those technique on  book clay polymer technique on bookstore or on art courses near your place to have a good polymer clay crafts.

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