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    Wedding Fan As Wedding Favor

    Giving a high esteem to the wedding reception guest is a common appreciation from wedding couple. Wedding favor or wedding fan could be represent the wedding couple appreciation to their guest. In order to make wedding favor as appreciation more meaningful, the right choice has to be made on the type of wedding favor.

    It is better to select wedding favor that can stand for a very long time. Food, cake or any other meal is not suitable for this function. Another consideration when selecting a wedding party favor would be the budget that you have and the number of guests that you are inviting to your reception.  Personalized wedding fan could be a perfect choice. As wedding favor, wedding fan not just functioned as fan but more as reminder to the wed couple. And the budget will not cost you a lot.

    Wedding fans should ideally be personalized with the names of the wedding couple for the purpose of reminding the guests of the wedding party that they attended. For instance, if you select a pair of bamboo wedding fan, you can have both your names carved on the bamboo wedding fan. This can also be done if you decide to give out mini photo frames and get your names painted at the back or sides of the frames. Also you can do to your wedding fan .

    Personalized wedding fan can be designed as wedding couple desire. It could be customized with the situation especially with the wedding theme. Many wedding fan design that represent the situation. Modern, classic, bridal, men, natural are the theme of wedding fan. And created in various material like paper fan, leather fan etc, those kind of hand fans usually known as handmade wedding favor.

    In order to make the wedding fan personal, the picture of wedding couple could be added on the center of you paper fan (if you choose paper fan to be you wedding favor fan). As addition, date and place wedding ceremony written in the outer side of the wedding fan. The wedding guest could be easily remember when you get married.

    A satin pouch is used to cover the wedding fan before it is given to the guest. Take some color of satin pouch than using just one color. The thank you expression written in the center of satin pouch or on decoreated small paper and tied in the top of satin pouch, this represent your expression.

    The wedding guest may pick the wedding favor as they love. They could pick the most beauty wedding fan as they like, rather than receptionist give it.

    The ethnic of wedding hand fan like Batik Wedding Hand Fan and Batik Wall Fan can be used for your need. This kind of hand fan also customizeable and pesonalized according to your order.

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